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USQTA is a BIPOC founded company in partnership with the not for profit The Doe Fund. We believe legal cannabis has the power to reverse the damage caused by the war on drugs.


We’re a purpose-driven business, redirecting over half of our profits to programs that provide transitional and permanent housing, employment and support services to people who have experienced homelessness and incarceration. We also hire formerly incarcerated and legacy operators with support from our community partners, as well as carry LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and women-owned brands. We strive to elevate entire communities into places of hope and prosperity for years to come.

Doe Fund Graduates


Everyone needs to get away, sometimes.


Away from the noise and stress, and sunday scaries.

To a sanctuary of zen, or perhaps inspiration.

Now, there’s a way for everyone to reach these destinations, safely.

A way to transport and transform thousands of lives.  And it doesn’t require a plane or passport.

Let us be your guide.  To worlds both known and unknown.

Plan your next vacation with us, at the Union Square Travel Agency, where we sell cannabis.

Our Budtenders

You might know the difference between Indica and Sativa, but do you know what your preferred terpene profile is? Can you tell the difference between a Linalool and a Limonene? Whether all of this is making sense to you or none of it is, our in-store budtenders are here to help both beginners and experts alike.


They receive 40 hours of cannabis classroom training and ongoing weekly education to be able to match you with the right cannabis experience. So if you need a little guidance while getting started or you want to nerd out, think of our budtenders as your highly attuned sherpas, ready to guide you through your cannabis journey.

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